More than 20 years of experience and ownership of the professional stables. We own a family riding horse club. Our specialization is endurance riding which beautifully go together with the services we offer. And that is also a long term riding holidays with horses either on the island Thassos or near Kavala. We own two places. During the summer season (May-September) we are on Thassos where we run Thassos horse club. The rest of the year you can find us in a small village called Dato where we run Kavalas horse club. Both destinations are appropriate for perfect horse riding experience. 

Our clubs work based on improvement of relations between people and nature, spending  a lot of time outside breathing a fresh air, being in connection with animals. Our environment is non-formal, family like, we welcome all people.



We own 15 horses of different breeds and sizes. We have 4 Pure Arabian horses that we use for endurance racing but also for the riding in the mountains for our visitors. Also in our happy herd of horses is American quarter horse, Bulgarian horse, Kladrubský horse that came from the Czech Republic and mostly is used for pulling a carriage. All our horses are nice and sound without any problems. They are out to graze in the paddock and during the winter time they are stabled. All our horses are perfectly trained and are used to being ridden even by beginners. They are also very sensible and sound to ride them in the not always easy terrain in the mountains.



1 hour simple ride

walk ride across the greek meadows heading to the beach and back

Level: begginer, indermediate advanced

25 eur

For the smallest

20 minutes walk with the accompany for the kids they will never forget

15 eur

2 hours swimming with horses


walk to the desolate beach lined with olive trees and enjoying the fresh water on the horse bareback

Level: begginer, intermediate, advanced

55 eur

Photo shooting with a horse
You always dreamed to have a pics with a horse on the beach? Here we are. We borrow you a horse and help assist you and your photographer with the photo shooting.
Mountain tours

Ride to the beautiful mountains of Thassos full of lush green trees and stunning views. Lenght of the trip depends on you, minimum 2 hours.

Level: advanced

every started hour/25 eur

Holidays with horses

Long term riding holidays, more info below



Choose your destination, either you can visit us in Dato near Kavala or on the island Thassos where we are during the summer season (May/June-September). You have the opportunity to experience the beauty and richness of the nature  from the comfort of a saddle and explore one of the most beautiful land and favorite summer holiday destination.


 Our program is 5 days riding holidays in the  mountains, olive groves and small villages of Thassos, you will also enjoy the beach ride or swimming with horses in the sea. While this ride you can explore the purity and beauty of the green island Thassos which is full of  ancient history. You will stay at our guest house where we have 3 fully equipped 3bed rooms for our visitors. The accommodation and food plus 3-4 hours riding a day are provided in this program. If you are keen rider, at the level of intermediate don't hesitate to spend your days with our horses and us.


Thassos is a Greek island that boasts an incredible natural setting. Thassos island is the northernmost island of the Aegean Sea and sits very close to the coasts of the Greek mainland. Thassos Greece makes a great destination for family holidays and relaxing vacations.

The standouts of Thassos are its beaches and its mountainous villages. The island’s quaint villages boast a traditional architecture, as they are full of stone-made houses, narrow paved streets, and grey-tiled roofs.


We are ready to host you from May until September on the island of Thassos. If you want to come other month we can organize the trip also in the place near Kavala. 

This 5 day riding trip, accommodation and food included is for 150 eur/person a day in case there is 5 or less people in the group.

If you come in a group of 6 people, one person go for free.




Guest review

Ride through farms, orchards, and of course along the beach and in the water. Not very deep so nothing for anyone to fear. Would happily do this again.

Corley, United Kingdom




phone number: +30 6999 391 777

Thassos horse club: Skala Prinos 640 10, Prinos, Thassos 

Riding club Kavala: Dato, Krinides 64003, Kavala

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